8 affordable ways to improve your garden

Make your garden look great without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple tips you might want to try.
1. Add accessories

Make your garden more welcoming by adding garden accessories like an inexpensive patio table and chair, a barbecue set, or a vintage watering can.

You could also add a bird bath for under $20. You can opt for the pedestal type, one you can hang from the eaves of your patio, or a ceramic or stained glass basin you can plant amongst your flower garden.

2. Use pots and planters

Using pots and planters for your flowering plants or vegetables makes them less susceptible to weeds, ground pests, rodents, and mischievous house pets. You can also rearrange them anytime to alter the mood and complexion of your garden. Great for reducing costs, labor, and stress levels.

You can also opt to paint or decorate your pots and planters to match – or contrast with – the mood of your garden. If you feel like being on trend, you could go for purple-gray, named “color of the year” by paint brands, as well as complementary alternatives.

3. Use energy-efficient lighting

Lights amp up the wow factor of your garden. Go for energy-efficient bulbs or solar-powered lights to maximize savings in the long run.

There are plenty of garden lighting ideas out there you can explore, from warm charming string lights to post lights, wall lanterns, and more.

4. Look for free stuff

There’s a lot of great gardening-related stuff you can purchase on the cheap on eBay. But you’d be more surprised by what people are willing to give away for free. Sites like Freecycle and Freegle feature tons of cool stuff people give away. Some of them like antique furnishings can be used as garden décor.

5. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Often, a fresh coat of paint is all your garden needs if it’s already in great shape. Newly painted outdoor walls, planters, or fences can be the contrasting or complementary element that puts the beauty of your garden in sharp relief.

6. Fertilize the lawn

Is your lawn looking patchy even when you water it? Your soil may be depleted of nutrients.

Depending on size, lawns are typically fertilized from two to four times a year. You can easily buy fertilizer at your local supermarket and garden supplier.

7. Clean the pavement

Still think there’s something off about your garden? You might be standing on the problem.

That brick paving or those beautiful tiles you installed some time ago may be due for scrubbing. Fit a high pressure water nozzle on your garden hose and, with a little elbow grease, your walkway can look good as new.

8. Maintain it

Like home interiors, there are two schools of thought on how a garden should look like. The manicured garden corresponds to the sleek and minimalist point of view in interior design. A “cluttered” garden with an abundance of ornamental varieties and/or accessories can be likened to a décor-filled home. One isn’t necessarily “better” than the other. Rather, it’s how well you present and maintain your preferred type.

Whether minimalist or profuse, a garden always benefits from regular pruning, de-weeding, and getting rid of pests. The same can be said of garden accessories; chuck or replace those that are past their prime. You may also want to consider replacing or adding ornamental plant varieties to your current mix.

A garden is meant to bring joy. Make sure it stays that way with regular maintenance.

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