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Welcome to the fantastic city of Toledo, Ohio. This wonderful city is home to just over 287,000 residents, all of which can tell you what a great place Toledo is to call home.

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Here is a brief run-down of the great city of Toledo and some of the things that make it such a spectacular place to live.

  • The Location – The city of Toledo is located in Northwest Ohio, bordering the state of Michigan. The city sits on the western shores of the majestic Lake Erie, with the Maumee River running through it. It enjoys a convenient centralized location in the region, with many large cities, such as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburg, all within a 4-hour drive of the city.
  • The History – The city of Toledo was established in 1833, on the western banks of the Maumee River. The construction of the Erie and Miami Canals, which allowed for eased travel throughout the region via the Great Lake, brought great growth and expansion to the city of Toledo. In addition to the canal, the city was located on a major railway, connecting to the major cities of New York and Chicago. Toledo served as a major port stop on the lake, as well as a manufacturing hub in the region. The city was hit hard by the Great Depression, and experienced a time of very little growth in the mid 1900’s. However, in recent years the city of Toledo has bounced back better than ever. Thanks to many redevelopment efforts, the city of Toledo is thriving again.
  • The Scenery – Toledo is a beautiful city, surrounded by water and natural beauty. It’s location on the regal Lake Erie is unparalleled. Downtown Toledo is perched on the shores of the Great Lake, with the beautiful Maumee River running through it. The city is filled with many spectacular buildings and lovely architecture. The surrounding area is made up of rolling hills, charming suburban communities, flowing rivers, and endless natural beauty, unique to the Northwest Ohio region.
  • The Lifestyle – Residents of Toledo enjoy a fantastic quality of life. Thanks to its ideal location, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Toledo is a modern, metropolitan city that offers countless amenities to its residents. From the thriving art scene to its many beautiful parks and green spaces, residents of Toledo enjoy a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. The city has a low crime rate and excellent schools for students of all ages. Toledo boasts one of the most affordable costs of living in the region, as well. You truly can’t beat the way of life here in Toledo.
  • Housing – Toledo has a diverse and very affordable housing market. In fact, Toledo has one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation, with the average home price here just over $100,00, while the national average surpasses $200,000. Toledo features a wide array of home styles, from modern apartment and luxe condos, to charming ranches and classic 2-story homes. No matter what type of property you are looking you find it, in Toledo, and at an affordable price.
  • The Economy – Toledo’s economy is thriving. Businesses are flocking to the area thanks to many incentive programs, as well the affordable cost of living. Opportunities for professional and business growth are endless in Toledo and the surrounding areas.

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The city of Toledo is truly a wonderful place to make your home. From the beautiful scenery and countless amenities, to the affordable cost-of-living and thriving economy, you just can’t beat Toledo. If you think that Toledo sounds like a great place to live, reach out to Brett Varner at RE/MAX Central Group. Brett would love to help you make the great city of Toledo your new home.

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